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Exciting changes coming to Google AdWords

Google AdWordsIf you use AdWords as part of your digital marketing strategy, this update is for you. Google is making a big announcement tomorrow, Tuesday, April 22nd. Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for AdWords will share an exciting set of innovations ranging from new AdWords products to new insights about consumer trends – all designed for the multi-screen world.

Google has hinted to expect new features for contextual targeting, and new tools to engage customers across devices – from the web, to the mobile web, to mobile apps. These coming changed build on the success of enhanced campaigns.

You can join the Google AdWords livestream on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 9am PT on the Inside AdWords blog at Register here!

Watch out for my follow up post later this week on what these changes mean for your own AdWords campaigns. The world of PPC advertising is very competitive. In order to maintain your edge, you’d want to take advantage of the new functionality as soon as possible.