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Google Analytics Feature Watch –
Enhanced Link Attribution

Google Analytics is changing in-page analytics for the better. You know how all links that go from multiple elements on a page to the same URLs were reported together in the past? You could not really tell whether someone clicked on the top navigation bar, the side navigation, or the big red button in the middle of your page. For example: Google Analytics just showed that 123 clicks and a CTR of 1.23% were achieved by ALL links to from the home page.

Well, no more! Google announced enhanced link attribution last week. Now you’d be able to:

• Differentiate between clicks to the same destination page that come from more than one element on page.

• Track buttons and elements wrapped in JavaScript that were not easily trackable before.

You need to change the tracking code on your page – one line needs to be added to all your pages. The new report also has to be enabled from the admin panel in GA. Go to your Web Property>property settings and select “Use enhanced link attribution”.

Google Analytics- "Use enhanced link attribution" feature set-up

Google will be rolling this feature out over the next couple of weeks. More details here: